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Lukasz Wiszniewski

Leica produced the world's smallest consumer terrestrial scanner but is it the best customer’s choice?

Many customers, especially those who are not familiar with laser scanning technology look for a small and simple device that will be easy to use and profitable at the beginning of the reality capture journey. Very often the choice feels on Blk360. …

It is a continuation of the previous article with a strong focus on the quality and usability of BLK2GO’s data.

Unfiltered BLK2GO data with waypoints generated every 2 meters.
Pict. Unfiltered BLK2GO data with waypoints generated every 2 meters.

After many hours and a few kilometers walked with the BLK2GO scanner (check PART1 of this review), came time to take a look at the point clouds. In this article I will focus on:

  • uploading data
  • data quality
  • data usability

As long as I was impressed by the portability of…

It can help you in the filedwork and save time in post-processing

Fot. Leica RTC360 - fieldwork

Have you occurred a situation in your career when you packed your entire laser scanning equipment, drove to the project’s spot, and realized you forgot the iPad? …

Wouldn’t it be great to send your scanning data to your customer directly from the site?

Fot. National opera in Oslo. Point cloud scanned with Trimble X7

Let’s continue the Trimble X7 review. As you could read in the first part of the article I had a chance to test out TLS (terrestrial laser scanner) from Trimble. The data suppose to be ready straight from the fieldwork. The surveyor can upload the point cloud directly to some…

Is it even possible?

Fot. Trimble X7 — outdoor acquisition

Have you ever wondered how to be more efficient with laser scanning delivery? Trimble is coming with the simple answer — constrain, export and deliver the data directly from the field. Is it a really efficient and good solution? How does it work? And is it worth it? …

Where is heading the reality capture industry?

Fot. Measurements in the 3D scene in Pix4DCloud (

Lately, I read about new software from Pix4D S.A. to utilize Apple’s “LiDAR” sensor. In combination with a viDoc RTK (Real Time Kinematic) rover, a user is able to do reality capturing of the limited area with RTK precision and accuracy of the combination of ‘LiDAR’ and photogrammetry. Output data…

Would Leica’s BLK2GO replace laser scanners and deliver valuable data?

Did you face time limitations in your projects? Let’s consider a job offer scenario where your potential customer wishes to have an update of the building documentation. This customer asks you for a laser scanning service price. Unfortunately, the price seems to be too high which could be afforded by…

Lukasz Wiszniewski

I am a geomatician and software developer with over decade experience in reality capturing and BIM. More info read on

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